Working at EDGE Technologies | EDGE Technologies and Epicenter Bring Digital Community Experience To Companies, Scale-ups and Entrepreneurs in Amsterdam
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EDGE Technologies and Epicenter Bring Digital Community Experience To Companies, Scale-ups and Entrepreneurs in Amsterdam

EDGE Technologies, a real estate technology company founded by Coen van Oostrom, will partner with Epicenter, a digital innovation house to offer a space and experience for members at EDGE Olympic. Together, the companies will create an optimized, user-centered workplace environment, with EDGE Technologies overseeing the development and performance of the building and Epicenter creating a unique community for corporate innovators, scale-ups and entrepreneurs. EDGE Olympic will open its doors to first tenants in May 2018.

About half of EDGE Olympic’s leasable space will be managed by Epicenter, who will tap into the digital infrastructure platform to seamlessly connect members to events and collaboration opportunities. Since launching in 2015, Stockholm-based Epicenter, has curated a fast growing and thriving membership based community, offering world class innovation labs, a unique network of 4000 members and a vast selection of master classes, industry summits, and more.

Coen van Oostrom, founder and CEO of EDGE Technologies, said: “The way we work is changing at a rapid pace. Epicenter understands that, and offers a fresh approach to innovation that’s focused on collaboration, learning and community. As EDGE Technologies develops buildings and products that speak to the needs of today’s worker, Epicenter will perfectly complement our work by creating a community- and innovation-driven environment for the companies and entrepreneurs at EDGE Olympic.”

Epicenter’s community members include large corporates such as Microsoft, Google for entrepreneurs, SEB, TeliaSonera, Merck, Volvo and international and digital scale-ups like StarStable, Resolution Games and Fishbrain. The company aims to expand into key digital hotspots of the world, with Amsterdam being their first step outside Sweden. Patrick Mesterton, co-founder and chief executive of Epicenter, said: “At Epicenter we pride ourselves on creating a community that drive innovation through co-creation among established global companies, fast growing digital scale-ups and entrepreneurs. We look forward to opening up in Amsterdam and elevating this experience with our partnership with EDGE Technologies. Between the space itself, the focus on user and environmental well-being, and the impressive technology platform, EDGE Technologies will enable us to offer members an experience like no other.”


About EDGE Technologies
EDGE Technologies is a real estate technology company, seeking to develop superior buildings that actively contribute to the health of people and the world. We combine decades of experience in the real estate with the technology industry. Our team is committed to making the built environment greener, smarter and healthier with a user-centred approach. EDGE Technologies is owned by OVG Real Estate, with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and New York and incorporates a technology-driven operations platform that delivers the best buildings and solutions for ambitious customers worldwide.

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