Working at EDGE Technologies | VIDEO: Live at Nordic Buildtech Day
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VIDEO: Live at Nordic Buildtech Day

In close cooperation with RambollEpicenter Stockholm presented Nordic Buildtech Day on 11 April 2018. During the entire day, participants explored how to shape the cities of tomorrow, and how buildings, material, technology, data and new ways of working are and will keep on re-defining different industries. Our founder and CEO Coen van Oostrom gave a talk about The Edge – the world’s most intelligent and sustainable building. 


He was the first on stage in Stockholm to point out that it is easier to make decisions quickly in a company like his with only 100 people. “It is much more difficult in a large construction company for instance. But you must do it. In a fast-changing world it is more bulletproof to change and accelerate innovation than sticking to the traditional ways,” he emphasised.

Van Oostrom suggested that large companies put 10-20 imaginative people together with a few smart outsiders with the clear task of redefining processes.

“In the Real Estate industry, we know that there is a business case for doing things cheaper and more sustainably if you stop habitual thinking. You just need to get the ideas out in the open.”


Topics covered the global perspective, finance, digital transformation, business models and many more. The moderator of the day, Ola Ahlvarsson, a serial entrepreneur, discussed The Edge, as well as the “why” behind EDGE Technologies.


Other speakers included Bodil Eriksson, Chief Executive, Volvo Cars Mobility, Hilde Tonne, Chief Innovation Officer Ramboll Group, Nick Earle, Virgin Hyperloop One and Staffan Hansén, CEO SPP Pension & Försäkring AB.